telemarketingTelesales and Telemarketing are sometimes confused. Telesales is focused on generating sales transactions.

Telemarketing is all about moving the sales process to the next step.

This also involves telephone research, gaining information about suspect and prospect company needs and requirements.

Tele-qualification or telephone qualification is simply the process of verifying that sales suspects or prospects are serious potential buyers of your service or product.

At Sales Concepts, we are serious about conducting the necessary telemarketing steps before launching a full scale telesales or field sales campaign or even pre-test selling or test marketing.

However when delivered as a targeted, strategic and properly designed campaign telesales really works and has one important differentiator – Feedback! Because it’s a two-way conversation between sellers and potential buyers you get feedback about what customers really want. In turn this feedback can be used to improve your product or service, enhance your targeting or sharpen sales and marketing messages. However for telesales to work, you need to be systematic and consistent, perhaps building rapport over several phone calls. For many people this can be difficult – This is one of the problems we solve, allowing you to concentrate on looking after existing clients.

This way, we can reduce our clients budgets and increase the ROI (Return on Investment) on their sales and marketing campaigns.


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