Letter Box Advertising

letterboxLetterbox marketing is one of the most effective advertising media available. It’s highly targeted, extremely affordable and drives sales both in-store and online. This is why so many of New Zealand’s top retailers continue to invest so heavily into Letterbox Marketing.

Our catalog, flyer distribution network means you can put something in the hands of every New Zealander if you want to. Your letterbox drop can be as big or small as you like and we have a range of services designed to fit your marketing budget.

Letterbox distribution has an absolute wealth of advantages – perhaps the most important factor is that it’s far more cost-effective, and indeed effective, than many traditional marketing routes. It’s a simple and affordable way to spread the word about your business, highlight a specific product or service, or even promote your values in your local area and well beyond.

By choosing Direct Letterbox Marketing, you’ll gain access to our highly sophisticated demographic profiling, which will focus your letterbox marketing campaign to ensure our leaflet distributors deliver straight to your specific target audience.