Lead Generation

lead generationWe've all seen lead generation campaigns that produce lots of leads with only a fraction of them being qualified. Sales Concepts' programs are designed to produce results, delivering not only more leads but high quality leads and superior return on investment. Customizing campaigns based on your metrics ensures you get leads worthy of passing along to your sales team.

Our Lead Generation Representatives are consultative, attempting to understanding your customers needs and collect comments, our reps have a calendar quota and scheduling system built into our dialer technologies which allows us to fill your calendar fully and accurately. Prior to releasing any leads to our clients, appointments are verified through our quality assurance department validating the leads before being sent out the door to you.

Leads can be booked into your online calendar, emailed daily via Excel or a database or even faxed to you daily. Many businesses today are pre-empting their direct mail or lead generation programs by conducting phone surveys to prequalify the target prior to starting a campaign. Ask us how to design and implement a cost effective lead generation phone survey program to understand and service your target more effectively.