Face to Face Contact

door to doorOur professional sales people canvass door to door to sell your product or service.Companies hire our sales team and utilize our sales outsourcing services to help them with their new client acquisition. Our sales professionals are recruited and hired specifically for each client engagement. We don’t have a bench of sales professionals that we shift from account to account.

Sales Concepts excel in providing a Door-to-Door Sales Force for organisations wanting to boost sales volumes and improve both their customer and product base.

Despite many newer, “cheaper” and so called high tech methods of promoting goods and services; there is no substitute for the face-to-face contact with customers that a traditional Door-to-Door Sales Force can provide. This personal connection has proved to be beneficial in acquiring customers and increasing revenues.

These personnel serve as the face of your company, interacting with customers directly. As with any major investment, sales people (contract or otherwise), should be carefully recruited, well supported, enthusiastically encouraged and effectively controlled by management. Established ongoing training including confidence building is a key component in building a successful Door-to-Door Sales Force.

Sales Concepts Limited currently manage several outsourced sales teams and provide tailor-made operations for various organisations.