Outbound Phone Sales

Companies across the globe trust in outbound sales calls made by outbound call centers. It is an open secret to get more sales, tap new business areas, increase customer relationship and save money. Outsourced outbound call center services are pivotal to the success of your outsourcing model and you are in the right hands with Sales Concepts.

Lead Generation

We've all seen lead generation campaigns that produce lots of leads with only a fraction of them being qualified. Sales Concepts' programs are designed to produce results, delivering not only more leads but high quality leads and superior return on investment. Customizing campaigns based on your metrics ensures you get leads worthy of passing along to your sales team.

Appointment Setting

Booked Appointments for Your Sales Team

Even the best marketing programs won't deliver ROI until your sales team gets in front of a prospect's key decision makers. Sales Concepts speeds up the process by setting up appointments for your valuable sales personnel.

Face to Face Contact

Our professional sales people canvass door to door to sell your product or service.Companies hire our sales team and utilize our sales outsourcing services to help them with their new client acquisition. Our sales professionals are recruited and hired specifically for each client engagement. We don’t have a bench of sales professionals that we shift from account to account.

Flyer Distribution

Door-to-door distribution is recognized as one of the most potent and flexible direct response advertising methods. Door-to-door distribution places your promotion in the hands of your customers in their own homes.

Increase awareness of your brand.
Establish a meaningful and continuous dialogue with your customers.
Differentiate your products and services.

Letter Box Advertising

Letterbox marketing is one of the most effective advertising media available. It’s highly targeted, extremely affordable and drives sales both in-store and online. This is why so many of New Zealand’s top retailers continue to invest so heavily into Letterbox Marketing.

Our catalog, flyer distribution network means you can put something in the hands of every New Zealander if you want to.

Kiosk Operations

From staffing and managing in-store kiosks to developing and delivering targeted sales training and deploying highly effective B2C outside sales teams, Sales Concepts can fulfill all your sales performance needs in and out of retail.

Sales Concepts have got experience in managing day-to-day store operations, and we have established and proven processes to ensure success every step of the way in.

Digital Marketing

Does your in-house team have the right digital skills? Are you keeping informed on the latest news from the digital world? Are you using the newest digital tools and technologies?

There are a lot of brands that keep their marketing activities in-house and manage it successfully without outsourcing. On the other hand, it is very common for companies to outsource at least part of their digital capability and keep some things in-house.