CONCEPT smart devices

concept-tabletCONCEPT® is the registered trademark for the electronic devices sold by Sales Concepts Limited through its White Chillies online store and other distribution channels. The trademark is registered with IPONZ (Intellectual Property Office New Zealand).

Sales Concepts Limited has been registered as Registered Responsible Supplier for CONCEPT® branded devices as per ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) regulations and ERAC (Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council).

CONCEPT® brand is positioned to be a recognized electronics brand in New Zealand. Through its own distribution channel Sales Concepts Limited provides the CONCEPT® branded items directly to its customers. The customers are often allowed to buy the devices in installments with no interest repayments. There has always been the underlying vision of working with the customers in a way that they get to use the item and things such as budget do not take precedence. The brand is constantly evolving and growing in New Zealand and will be expanded overseas with time.

The CONCEPT® brand does not compete with any international brand such as Apple or Samsung rather it aims to provide goods with added functionalities bundled within the devices making them unique their own way and proudly positioned as a New Zealand Registered Trademark. The range of items right from a Phone tablet(PHABLET) or Dual SIM Mobile Phones or Virtual Private Theater glasses (GLASSES) and many more could be found on the e-commerce website