Creating a New Zealand Legacy

about usSales Concepts Limited was incorporated in January 2013 with a vision to offer goods and services that are recognised as a New Zealand brand that goes beyond New Zealand.  Sales Concepts Limited is the parent brand from which different goods and services branch out across different dempgraphics and geographies.

The company core operations are involved in sales and marketing of its own New Zealand brand of goods and services as well as working as authorised resellers of other companies as an outsourced reseller.

In its own brand of operations, Sales Concepts Limited, sells latest in communication technology goods powered by Android under the registered brand name CONCEPT.  The services side of the company has separate divisions offering insurance advisory services, call centre services, virtual office and telephone answering services and electronic devices (such as mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops) services.

The outsourced division is handled by the parent company Sales Concepts Limited working as authorised reseller.  Amongst the main projects done in this space have been different means of sales and marketing for clients ranging from insurance companies to energy, home phone and broadband to security alarms, security alarm monitoring to real estate industry.  The outsourced division also assists with the recruitment and training of the new sales professionals for its clients according to their requirements to cater residential or business segment for sales.

What makes us different is our vision of continously creating the brand(s) that are 100% New Zealand registered brands and take those goods and services to several geographies yet staying connected to our roots in New Zealand with everything we offer in everything we do.  This vision is backed by our spend of recruiting the right candidates, networking with different business groups, research in continous product or service improvement and willingness to learn with the experience.

You rely on us.  We rely on our experience.™

Why Outsource to us


  • No Upfront investment – Like many other providers we do not produce a huge upfront and ongoing fees bill in front of you without delivering nothing. We work with you a recruitment, training and sales plan tailored to your budget and requirements.
  • Profitability – Sales that are able to flow through to bottom line is what matters. We can work with you in developing a sales and marketing plan, target market, areas to be targeted etc.
  • Integrating sales channels – We offer you a range of sales channels to bundle together. We can integrate the customer facing professionals with the non customer facing professionals of our telemarketing call center division.
  • Multi-Channel selling – We can recruit and train professionals for both residential and business sales at the same time as per your requirements.
  • Invoicing – We are GST registered and can provide you with GST invoices as per your accounting requirements.
  • Reporting – We have software and systems to provide with the kind of itemized reporting to suit your systems.
  • Sales that lasts – Our sales professionals are trained from the day one to do quality business for our clients getting the customers who continue to pay the business and not short lived sales. Achieving the desired sales consistency is amongst the main KPI (Key Performance Indicator).
  • Cross Selling – We realize the importance of the customer database. From our call center to our customer facing sales professionals we train them to always look for the opportunities to upsell and cross sell to the prospects.

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.
-William Bernbach