Sales Outsourcing
Sales Outsourcing or Outsourced Sales is a well established and cost-efficient service. It is usually highly skilled, flexible and specialist. You can test it on a small scale or go all the way.
This correct option can increase revenue from new and existing clients and will keep you focussed on high-profit potential prospects.

In an increasingly competitive world, outsourcing has become an important strategy for companies looking to cut costs, improve productivity, and streamline business processes.


Marketing Outsourcing
Outsourced marketing is an attractive option for many businesses as it gives you peace of mind knowing that your marketing is being managed by an experienced professional. Outsourcing your marketing to Sales Concepts is an even better choice as with us you won’t just get the skills of one, you’ll get an entire experienced team working with to ensure that your marketing goals can be realized.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourced marketing is that it allows for easy scale up or scale down of activities as necessary.


Telesales and Telemarketing are sometimes confused. Telesales is focused on generating sales transactions.

Telemarketing is all about moving the sales process to the next step.

This also involves telephone research, gaining information about suspect and prospect company needs and requirements.

Tele-qualification or telephone qualification is simply the process of verifying that sales suspects or prospects are serious potential buyers of your service or product.

why us

Why Outsource to us

  • No Upfront investment – Like many other providers we do not produce a huge upfront and ongoing fees bill in front of you without delivering nothing.  We work with you a recruitment, training and sales plan tailored to your budget and requirements.
  • Profitability – Sales that are able to flow through to bottom line is what matters.  We can work with you in developing a sales and marketing plan, target market, areas to be targeted etc.
  • Integrating sales channels – We offer you a range of sales channels to bundle together.  We can integrate the customer facing professionals with the non customer facing professionals of our telemarketing call center division.
  • Multi-Channel selling – We can recruit and train professionals for both residential and business sales at the same time as per your requirements.
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